Welsh Government’s Code of Practice for Funding the Third Sector

Welsh Government’s Code of Practice for Funding the Third Sector is currently under review, but why is it being reviewed, what changes are being proposed, and how can the sector ensure its voice is heard?

The Code is an integral part of the Third Sector Scheme and it sets out principles that underpin Welsh Government funding for the voluntary sector and what Welsh Government expects from the sector in return. Its purpose is to ensure fair access to public funding both directly from Government and indirectly through funding provided via public bodies, such as local authorities and health boards to enable the sector to support communities in Wales.

So, isn’t it all already in place? Why does it need to be reviewed? There are a number of issues that have been identified and documented with the current code:

  • As a 30 page document, it’s too long
  • Published in 2014, it’s out of date
  • It is not easy to find on the Welsh Government website
  • There’s a lack of awareness in both public and voluntary sectors

Therefore, although a code of practice already exists, more can be done to make sure it’s working in practice.


There have been a series of engagement events over the past few months but there’s still time to get involved and ensure your opinion is heard.

WCVA will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday 27 September 10.30 am – 12 pm which will give you an opportunity to find out more about the review, proposed changes and provide your opinion to help shape the next steps.

For further details about the event and how to book your place click here.


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