Good Governance

Good governance by trustees, directors and committees is all about reviewing how you operate and identifying potential issues before they develop.

We can help you look at your organisational structure and practices so that you are fit for purpose and ready to face any challenges the future may bring.  We can help you identify potential problems early and equip you with the knowledge to prevent them developing.

If your organisation or group requires assistance, we can provide all or any of the following:

  • Governance
  • Finances
  • Structure
  • Staffing
  • Business Planning
  • Policies and procedures

… and much more

Some Tools for Good Governance

The Trusted Charity Mark

The Trusted Charity Mark (formally known as PQASSO) is the externally assessed award for Trusted Charity users which demonstrates achievement of the Trusted Charity standards. This nationally recognised award offers both users and funders/commissioners external verification of the quality and credibility of an organisation.

For more information visit: Trusted Charity Mark

Charity Governance Code

Good governance in charities is fundamental to their success.
A charity is best placed to achieve its ambitions and aims if it has effective governance and the right leadership structures. Skilled and capable trustees will help a charity attract resources and put them to best use. Good governance enables and supports a charity’s compliance with relevant legislation and regulation. It also promotes attitudes and a culture where everything works towards fulfilling the charity’s vision.


It is the aim of this Code to help charities and their trustees develop these high standards of governance. As a sector, we owe it to our beneficiaries, stakeholders and supporters to demonstrate exemplary leadership and governance. This Code is a practical tool to help trustees achieve this.  For more information view the Code

Third Sector Support
Trusted Charity Mark Level 1 Bilingual CMYK