WCVA training - FREE Webinar: Income generation health checks

FREE Webinar: Income Generation Health Checks

2 March 2023 | 2 pm – 3 pm


To give participants the direction they need to be able to perform an income generation health check for their organisation.



A number of support projects for voluntary organisations in Wales perform ‘health checks’ on organisations to help them identify areas for development (including WCVA’s own Catalyst Cymru: Resilient Heritage). A health check will review what policies, procedures, and activities you have in place for your income generating activities. By completing one objectively, you can find ways to optimise the income generating potential of your organisation.

Join us on this free webinar to consider what a health check could and should include, how you can perform one for yourselves and where you can find resources to support this.

Webinar: Income generation health checks - WCVA


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