Register with infoengine to promote your services

If you are looking to further promote your organisation, then please register your organisation and services on infoengine, a FREE online directory of third sector services in Wales. 

Registering your organisation takes no more than 10 minutes and it will allow you to promote your services to a wider audience and attract people in your community and beyond.

infoengine highlights a wide variety of voluntary and community services that are able to provide information and support so that you can make an informed choice. It is provided by Third Sector Support Wales, a partnership of County Voluntary Councils and Wales Council for Voluntary Action.

Have a look at the Handy ‘how-to’ guides, these will show you step by step how to register and how to keep you details up to date.

The quick and easy registration process

Editing and updating your organisation and service information

Using shortlists for frequently search services


If you need further information or help registering, Frances Barry – Lead Officer, Volunteering and Communications is happy to offer support.  Please contact her on 07958 132822 or email her at


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