Homeshare in Wales

Homeshare in Wales  

Join us in person or online for our March seminar.

12noon on Tuesday 28th March 2023

Homeshare in Wales, Presented by Tim Crahart

The seminar will cover the history of Homeshare, why it is needed, how the model works, information regarding the three Homeshare pilots in Wales and end with an overview of the Homeshare UK network.

The programmes aim to tackle key issues in society such as loneliness and isolation as well as the housing crisis.

In Wales 54% of people aged 60-74 and 49% of people 75+ years, said they felt lonely sometimes (ONS) but they want to stay living at home for longer.

Younger people are being priced out of the villages, towns, and cities they want to live in, for work or study.



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