GwirVol is a partnership between the third, public and private sectors, and led by the views of young people in Wales.  The Partnership exists to take forward the recommendations of the Russell Commission. These recommendations are designed to provide a framework to bring about a step change in the numbers and diversity of young volunteers and to give them more and better quality volunteering opportunities.

GwirVol as an initiative aims to:

  1. Increase the number and the diversity of young people volunteering in Wales.
  2. Increase the number and accessibility of quality volunteering opportunities for young people in Wales.


  • Providing information and advice
  • Distributing grants that will increase youth volunteering opportunities
  • Creating quality youth volunteering experiences
  • Promoting those opportunities, by harnessing the views and energy of its main youth partner ‘GwirForce’
  • Devising ways of recognition and reward that are of value to the young volunteer.

GwirVol will achieve this by;

  • Distribution of grants
  • Coordinating, supporting and monitoring the work of the all Wales network of the Youth Volunteer Advisors (YVAs)
  • Construction and management of the GwirVol Portal [more information…]
  • Involvement of young people as partners through the organisation GwirForce